Relationships – friendships, marriages, siblings – are hard.  And we women have the tendency to make them even harder.

As women, we tend to be compare ourselves to others constantly – whether it’s that our body isn’t as good as hers, or that our job isn’t as glamorous as hers, or that we aren’t as good of a mother as her, or that we don’t have as clean of a house as her…. the list could go on for hours.  By comparing ourselves to others, we are robbing ourselves of our own calling, and we’re making everything harder for ourselves.

When we compare ourselves to others, we’re essentially saying that our calling – to be a wife, a mother, a teacher, a sister, a writer, or anything else – isn’t as good as someone else’s calling.  God has uniquely equipped each one of us for His purpose, and my purpose is different from your purpose.  We both may be wives and sisters and friends, but our callings are still vastly different.

Relationships are hard enough as is.  Let’s stop making them harder by comparing ourselves to others and instead turn our eyes to God, the only One who is able to equip us for His work.