Other than the legendary “warp speed” of science fiction, one of the fastest speeds known to humans is the speed of light—how quickly light can travel. Which leaves me wondering, “What is faster than the speed of light? The speed of darkness?” It’s true that when we run ahead of the Savior’s guidance, faster than the speed of His guidance, we are traveling at the “speed of darkness”.



My life travels at the speed of…


I race through my days so quickly.
I run ahead of your guidance.
I dash full steam
Toward what I want,
What I think is best.

When I come
To my senses
And slow
At last,
To consider
Your Word,
Your will,
I am appalled
To find myself
In a place of darkness,
Far from Your side—
A place I vowed
I would
Never again go.

Slow me down.
Good Shepherd,
Cripple me
If you must.
Whatever the cost,
Keep me
Near to Your side.

Slow me down.