Recently, I was talking with a friend who is overwhelmed by stress because of the trials she is going through. She was saying that she didn’t understand why God allowed this certain thing to happen. To her it seems the other person is getting away with so much. Her family members are being affected by the other person’s choices. She wasn’t complaining or whining but simply talking to me as a confidant to help her get some solid concept as to what is going on and how she doesn’t know anymore what or how to pray. She doesn’t know how to respond because she is overwhelmed by stress from this situation.

She feels wounded, frustrated and at her wits end.

We all have those times when we are in the middle of a storm that seems to be raging so loudly that we get off focus and forget what our response should be. I encouraged her as I encourage everyone that reads this to remember how we should respond. We get so sidetracked trying to analyze and understand why something is happening in the way it’s happeningsthat it makes less sense than when we started. 

When a tornado comes, do we open the door walk out on the porch, stand erect, and our eyes watching the chickens and cows fly by? (Sorry, flashback from the old movie “Twister”.) But is that how we respond to a tornado? NO. When the storm hits, we find the most secluded area, we hit our knees, and we bow our heads and close our eyes. So why do we not respond the same way when the storms of life hit? Yes, I know as Christians we will pray.  I’m not mocking the sincere prayer of any Christian in their troubles. My point being, do we stay in that secret place until we know the storm has passed?  What we usually will do is pray earnestly then stand up before the storm has passed and allow all of the flying objects to hit us. We watch and focus on what the enemy is throwing our way. Then we get banged up emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We need to be reminded that those things are merely distractions.
They are tools of the enemy to rob us 

of our Faith, our hope and our joy.

The scripture Psalms 91 tells us that those who dwell in the SECRET PLACE of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty (amplified version). When I was growing up, the ‘old timers’ would say to “tarry in the altar”. That meant, “to stay there until you get your peace”. In Matthew 26:36-46 Jesus went into the garden to pray and in verse 38, he told his disciples, “my soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry here and watch with me” KJV.

I pray that what you take away from this article is to seek God, talk to Jesus and ask Holy Spirit to comfort you during those storms.

Tarry in your secret place, whether it be in your bedroom, 
your car driving to work or under your desk at work.

Just don’t get fired for not working. LOL!  In all seriousness, Jesus has felt your hurt and heard your cry. He understands grief. Jesus had no sin so he didn’t hate, but he touched the lives of people and delivered many from hate with compassion. So, Jesus “gets it”.  I pray that this ministers to your spirit to visit that secret place more often and to stay there a little longer. One last thing . . . . There’s something I tell to my grown and teenage children. I didn’t come up with it but it is notable to remember, “When you can’t see God’s hand moving, you’ve got to trust His Heart.”

HEAD SHOTRhonda Jenkins is a 41 yr old child of the King, wife to a noble man of God, and mother to 3 Fabulous kiddos.. She works full time job is as an LPTA in home health giving therapy to our precious Geriatric population. The thing that gives me life is writing. I enjoy writing to encourage others that they can overcome any obstacle past or present in Christ Jesus.
In Her Own Words: 


I am an optimist to the extreme. I wouldn't only say that the glass is half full but I would add that I'm thankful for the glass and I'm thankful for the liquid that's in the glass. My God has brought me through so much. I was married to an abusive husband at 17, divorced at 19 with a one year old son. I moved 800 miles away from all of my family with my son to keep us safe. I married the man of my dreams at age 24. We have 3 children together and have been married almost 18 years. After being married with 3 wonderful kiddos, I went back to school while working a full time job to accomplish my goal to become an LPTA. I have served in my church as a greeter and in the nursery with the babies under a yr old. I currently serve on the prayer team. My greatest passion is writing. My writing mostly revolves around lessons learned via the Holy Spirit.  Life is so full of opportunity and adventure and writing is my outlet. My desire is that my writing will help others grow in their relationship with God and with their fellow man.
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