This time of year, there are hundreds of graduation ceremonies all over the country.  From kindergarten to high school to college and beyond, we tell our graduates that they are ready to step out into the world and step into God’s calling on their lives.

Calling is a word we throw around a lot in Christian circles.  We talk about seeking God’s calling on our lives and following God’s calling and embracing God’s calling.  And how when we follow that call, we will reap the rewards, we will see lives changed, and we will be used for God’s work.  That’s the good stuff, the blessings of the calling.

But what we rarely talk about are the struggles in that calling. 

There are blessings, sure.  Great ones.  But there are also struggles.  There are times where we have to be bold – when it’s the last thing we think we can do, where we have go against the grain and be different – and face the consequences, where we lose everything and hit rock bottom – and have to have the courage to ask for help.

The blessings far outweigh the struggles – but it rarely seems that way in the moment of our struggle.  In those moments, we wonder if we heard God right, if this is really what we were supposed to do.

We wonder if there wasn’t something we missed, something that we did wrong to get us to this place. 

The struggle is a part of the calling, but we can’t do it alone.  When we find ourselves wondering where God is or if we heard His voice correctly or if we did something wrong, people in our lives come alongside us and help us.  They reach out a hand, a prayer, a shoulder to cry on.  They encourage us and challenge us.

In our pursuit of God’s calling, we experience the struggle and the blessing. 

We hope that our stories of the struggles in our diverse callings challenge and encourage you in your own calling.