When I think about what I consider to be someone’s Sunday best, I think about a person that has intentionally taken the time to pick out their entire outfit and a person who has gone out of their way to look their very best to go to Church.

When we come do we give Him our best?

I wonder what would happen if we lived our lives like that – every day for the Lord.  What if we intentionally looked for opportunities for the lord to use us every single day?  What if we looked for those divine appointments that we are faced with every single day but we are sometimes too busy to answer or even notice?  Many times we maybe so fixated on our own individual situations that we don’t even recognize them.

What if we lived everyday as if it was Sunday?

Sometimes it is so easy to just get busy. What if every morning we made a conscious decision to not only have a heart of gratitude but to be his hands and feet extended?  What If we were more intentional about committing our day to him and allowing Him to order our steps?

I want to encourage you from this day forward to live with expectation and  expect God to move mightily in your life and when you do that you will be amazed at what God does and how he moves in your life.  As a mother of 8 children it is never the easiest thing to juggle everything and to stay on top of everything.  I love that I have a God that I can go to about everything.  I don’t need to know everything but I enjoy being directed by him.  Do I miss the mark sometimes?  Absolutely.  But I am able to get back up and try again.

Many times people ask me how am I able to juggle everything that I do and I have the great opportunity to let them know that aside from Christ none of this would be possible.  There are many different things going on in peoples lives – kids getting sick, job changes, moving to a new town, going through a divorce, believing God for children, losing a loved one, becoming empty nesters – the list goes on and on.

I want you to know that God knows and he cares about the things that you care about.  I encourage you to give God your first and your best and he will bless the rest of your days and life.

Heaven Father,

I pray that you would help us to be intentional to give you our first and our best.  May we always be reminded that we cannot do anything aside from you.  May everything we say and do be filtered through you.  We desire to please you in everything we do.  In Jesus name, Amen.