Where are you in this picture?

This morning I went out to water my flowers. I walked down the long gravel drive admiring the rocks, the whispering trees and all of God’s Beauty. I noticed that on my huge plum tree, the plums were shriveled up, dried out. The Blackberry bushes were also dried up and of no value. I was watering my yellow hibiscus that I had planted and fertilized. I was so disappointed that it had no blooms with all of the care I had given it.

I continued walking the land and noticing little things and giving God praise for them. I saw a Beautiful speckled, black butterfly on my petunias. I was going to water the petunia but waited patiently for the butterfly as it darted in and out of each bloom, enjoying its nectar. It brought a smile to my face.
I then walked around to the back yard and thanked God for the beautiful scenery of the huge boulders that go down into the bluff. Then the wind began to blow with enthusiasm and a small bit of a dark cloud cast over my head. I looked down at my phone for a weather update and no rain was in the forecast. I looked up and said, “Lord, I thank you for this land. I thank you for already providing us with the down payment that we will need in a few months.” Earlier, I had given God praise for what I did see, and now I wanted to give God some praise for what I didn’t see . . .yet.

I took a few more steps and saw something I didn’t even know I had- a small hibiscus tree (Rose of Sharon). It had one glorious pink bloom on it. I was so excited and in awe. Within a few minutes it began to rain. I went inside and pondered the things I had just witnessed. Here was my conclusion: Some things in life we water and fertilize and end up with no blooms and pure frustration. When we give God continual thanks and praise for even the smallest things, He will give us a tree we didn’t even plant with blooms we didn’t fertilize. He’ll give us a good rain storm in the drought of our life when rain wasn’t even in the forecast. I summarized that we don’t always understand but if we keep our praise going up throughout the times of not understanding., then His Blessings WILL COME when we least expect them to. His GRACE is Sufficient for every season.