I thank you for leaders.

Not the larger-than-life,

Mount Olympus,

Hero-of-ancient-legend leader.


I thank you for quiet leaders,

For servant leaders.

I thank you for the unsung leaders,

For those who lead

By rocking a crying infant,

By wiping a three year old’s snotty nose,

By singing “This Little Light of Mine”

For the five hundredth time…today.

By explaining that no one knows how Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes,

But yes maybe it was something like the replicator on Star Trek.

I thank you for those who lead

By scrubbing toilets.

By cooking and serving meals for a hundred…

Or more.

By collecting our garbage,

Shielding us from the reality

Of disposing of it personally.

Who lead by bathing and caring for

Sick bodies,

Departing bodies,

Newly arrived bodies.

Thank you for those who lead

By “blowing the whistle”

On playground squabbles.

By teaching little ones to say,

“I’m sorry.”

And “I forgive.”

By refereeing dissension

Between warring spouses.

Thank you for the little children

Whom you have ordained

To lead us into your kingdom.

Thank you for the puzzle

You have built into the world,

That by serving another, we are acting as Christ,

And yet, by serving another, we are caring for Christ!

Thank you for sharing your sense of humor,

And for including us in the answer to the riddle.