I have sensed Your call on my life.

You have declared Your plans for me.

But I have become comfortable,


The work You gave me to do

Is tiring—




Every cell,

Every atom,

Screams for a break.

I want the easy path,

The smooth road.

Energy meant for ministry,

Wasted in wrestling with questions

Settled long ago.

Can’t I have a week off?

A day?

A moment

When I am not on alert

For yet another weak one

Wandering near the quicksand,

Running blindly toward the cliff.

And in that moment I remember the danger,

The destruction that drew me.

And I thank You again

For the faithful ones who turned me aside,

Leading me from death to life,

For the gift of Your Son, my loving Savior,

Who, for me, turned His back on the easy path,

And embraced the rough, uphill road

That led to the cross.