I am a head strong person, goal oriented and unfortunately A.D.H.D. as well. If I am to get certain things accomplished for the day, whether I’m working or off from work, I have to make myself a to do list.

Let’s just say I had in mind to clean my bathroom, bedroom, quick trip to the grocery store then cook supper.

If I don’t have to a do list and time limit, this is what it could possibly turn into:

I start with my bathroom, see daughters straightening iron in my bathroom, take it to her bedroom and then see it looks like a tornado hit it.
I then see her closet door open, clothes all over the place, one shirt still with the tag on it and wonder why hasn’t she worn this?
What is that under her bed?
Then begin with my bedroom and find something that belongs in the living room.
I take it to the living room only to see an empty picture frame and think, “I need to put a picture in here”.
So, then I open up the drawer of pictures and begin looking through them and have an onslaught of memories of the events with my children and then the tears come streaming down because they are all grown up.
After an hour (or 2) of reminiscing, I then put the picture in the frame then begin to look for the hammer and nails so I can hang it up.
They are NOT where I PUT THEM!!
So, then I go to the basement to look where hubby keeps things and I find a colossal mess of his stuff everywhere and see tools all over the place.
So now, I grab an empty shoe box and go throughout the house gathering his tools all over the place and fussing out loud.
I’m saying, “OH my word sweet husband, your daughter is just like you, so messy!”
Now, I’m fussing out loud like someone is going to hear me and I’m all by myself in this house with absolutely no one here to glean upon my rant.

My day will go on and on like this until it is 5pm and I’ve yet to make it to the grocery store, I haven’t accomplished any of the full goals that were in my mind. My bathroom and bedroom are still not clean, I didn’t make it to the grocery store and we end up having frozen pizza or sandwiches for supper. Now that is all so funny but yet so very true for me.

This morning as I was preparing to sit down to write this article, I saw one an old to do list and found where my youngest son had added #5 to that list.

your fave son

What a Blessing it was to find my 17 year old son had written this.

I absolutely love wonderful small surprises like this. It just makes my day!!! Both of my sons are very considerate of their mother and I don’t have a favorite. LOL!

What a Great reminder that was for me to know that in spite of my lengthy to do list, my son notices and wants me to feel loved and to relax.  I want to encourage you to add this to your “to do” list today:

#1 Relax and know that your Heavenly Father loves you.

He has a tremendous plan for you that only He can work out. Stop spending time on things that divert you from what you know God has called you to do. Spend quiet time with the heavenly Father. Talk to him like you would talk to your friend sitting across from you having coffee. He knows your needs and your heart already, but He wants to hear it from you. He wants you to have peace in your everyday life. Look for the moments that He’s sending you these little ways of saying

“Relax, I love you and you’re going to be ok.”


Rhonda Jenkins is a 41 yr old child of the King, wife to a noble man of God, and mother to 3 Fabulous kiddos. She works full time job is as an LPTA in home health giving therapy to our precious Geriatric population. The thing that gives me life is writing. I enjoy writing to encourage others that they can overcome any obstacle past or present in Christ Jesus.

In Her Own Words: I am an optimist to the extreme. I wouldn’t only say that the glass is half full but I would add that I’m thankful for the glass and I’m thankful for the liquid that’s in the glass. My God has brought me through so much. I was married to an abusive husband at 17, divorced at 19 with a one year old son. I moved 800 miles away from all of my family with my son to keep us safe. I married the man of my dreams at age 24. We have 3 children together and have been married almost 18 years. After being married with 3 wonderful kiddos, I went back to school while working a full time job to accomplish my goal to become an LPTA. I have served in my church as a greeter and in the nursery with the babies under a yr old. I currently serve on the prayer team. My greatest passion is writing. My writing mostly revolves around lessons learned via the Holy Spirit.  Life is so full of opportunity and adventure and writing is my outlet. My desire is that my writing will help others grow in their relationship with God and with their fellow man.

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