I love the holiday season.  Family time, purchasing and wrapping gifts, cooking food, and hosting guests are all joyous aspects of a season that is full of love and hope.  The winter holidays (Christmas for me) are a seminal tradition of the faith that many families hold dear.  If you are a woman of faith your outward acts of holiday celebration reflect your deeper inner convictions, making this time of year an excellent platform for reinforcing your family faith with your children.  Here are a few strategies to help you extend the gift of faith to your children this year.

  1. Family Story Time- Select and read a classical piece of literature that expresses the spirit of your faith. You can read the story over the course of a few weeks or simply discuss the highlights of the story over a meal.
  2. Family Movie Night – Prepare popcorn, hot cocoa, apple cider, and watch a faith based movie together as a family. Have a follow-up discussion about the movie, making sure to highlight specific aspects of what your family believes.  Prepare for the discussion by taking notes during the movie.
  3. Family Philanthropy Project – Identify a way that your family can give back to the community during the holiday season.  You can make a donation, volunteer your time, or simply provide acts of kindness.  Be sure to clearly state how philanthropy ties into your faith.
  4. Family Faith Commitment Goals – Make a list of ways that your family can incorporate your faith into regular family activities. How can you grow together in faith?
  5. Family Prayer – Make a commitment to pray together as a family for 10 days during the holiday season.
  6. Family Gratitude Moments – Begin each day identifying how God has blessed you. Allow each member of your family to share one blessing in their life.
  7. Family Sing-a-long – Listen to faith based music but take it a step further by singing along as a family. Make it fun and light-hearted but always draw attention to the message of faith.
  8. Family Worship – Attend a worship service together as a family. Have a follow-up discussion about the service and how each of you can incorporate the teaching into your lives.

Place your faith at the center of this holiday season by incorporating the family faith building strategies to your routine.  Faith building is a valuable gift that will deliver a tremendous return.  Give your family the gift of faith.