“Do all things as unto the Lord” is part of a verse that is common to all of us, and we think we are doing a good job of it; myself included. But then I thought, if I am not doing things as unto the Lord, how would I be doing them? The answer is that I would be doing things as “unto me.” What would that look like in my life?

Remember those little bracelets we used to wear that said, “WWJD” (What would Jesus do?) Jesus never went against His Father’s will. If we do things as unto the Lord, wouldn’t we be pleasing God instead of ourselves? Here are some questions I asked myself as I reviewed a regular day in my life.

When I rise in the morning, is my routine dedicated to God’s plans for me, or is it dedicated to making me happy? When I choose what to eat for the day, do I please God or myself? When I start my work day, am I doing what God wants me to do, or things that I like to do? When a challenge comes up at work, do I try to please God with my words and actions, or do I say and do things that I will later regret because I was trying to make myself look good? If I have a conflict with a neighbor, do I ask God how I should behave under the circumstances, or do I act in a way that makes me feel good and ignores the feelings of my neighbor? When my children, or in my case grandchildren, are disobedient or disrespectful, do I get my feelings hurt over their actions and react badly, or do I think, “How would Jesus handle this situation?”

How about my relationship with my husband? Do my words and actions toward my husband please my Heavenly Father, or am I more concerned about my own feelings and getting my own way? When we make decisions for our family, do I let my husband fulfill his role as head of the marriage, or do I usurp his authority and try to sway the decisions my way?

After checking out one day to see if I live to please God or live to please me, I am sad to report that I have a long way to go to be living like Jesus. I have some repenting to do and some praying that God’s Holy Spirit will guide me into right living so that I “Do all things as unto the Lord.” Check out your day. Are you doing what pleases God or yourself?