You might wonder how a woman can give advice to Dads. Well, we all had to have a Dad to come into this world, and we’ve all experienced being with people who are Dads whether they were ours or somebody else’s. My own Dad was different than your Dad, I’m sure, but he stayed with us. He loved us. He was a good Dad. My husband has been a great Dad to our children, and still is even though our sons and daughter are now out on their own. I have watched him over the years and understand what makes a Dad great. I was an elementary school teacher for almost 30 years, and talked to countless Dads. Some were good and others were not. So just from experience, I feel I can give advice to Dads who want to know the two most important things a great Dad does. Here goes!

First, he must love and support his wife, his children’s mother, showing her respect and love. When that little child is born, he is a selfish creature. He has a lot of needs, most of those being met by Mom as she nurses and cares for him. A Dad has to bond in different ways with his child, but yelling at Mom and disrespecting her is not the way to do it. Children are like sponges. Their early memories of you are stored in their little brains for the rest of their lives. Let your child see you kissing your wife. Let them hear you declaring your love to their mother. Decide together how you will discipline your child and then support your wife when she makes a decision on discipline. Your child needs to know that you two agree and he can’t pit one of you against the other. And finally, love your wife until the end of her life. Be faithful to your wife and learn to get along. Get marriage counseling if needed, but don’t leave. Work it out. No matter what society says, your children will be devastated if you divorce. Love their mother until the end.

The second most important thing you can do as a Dad is to lead your children to Christ. What good will it have been to bring your child up in a loving home and then watch him lose his soul for eternity? Do not leave it up to the child to decide on whether to go to church or not. Go! All of you go to a good church where God is worshiped and Jesus is trusted for salvation. Put your child in Sunday school, but don’t forget to teach him about God at home too. If you don’t want him to follow the world, which is going the wrong direction, then don’t let that world into your house. Don’t watch TV shows and movies that are not God honoring. Don’t bring pornography into your house in magazines, books, or movies. And then be a good example. Know Christ as your Savior and be the spiritual head of the house. When your child accepts Christ, you will know you have been the best Dad you could be. Then your son can follow in your footsteps and be a great Dad too.