We’re in that period of time right now – Lent, where we spend time preparing for Easter.  In the church calendar, Lent is a time of preparing, a time of waiting, a time of purpose.

The days leading up to Jesus’ death on the cross were full of passion and teaching and sacrifice.  His years on Earth were full of the same as the days leading up to his death.  His purpose never faltered, even in the face of an horrific death on the cross.

Our preparation for Easter is different.  We know what comes on the other side of the cross – death is defeated and the grave cannot hold our Lord.  Praise be to God!  But our preparation and waiting for Easter is also marked by our own expectation of Christ coming again, in a cloud of glory to bring His Kingdom come.

Easter is a remembrance of things past, and an expectation of things to come.  Our lives should be marked by the cross and by the resurrection not only in this time leading up to Easter, but every day.  We live in the anticipation of His second coming, and in the hope of His resurrection, the good news of our Salvation.

Glory be to God!