Oftentimes, worrying about the future can lead us to become overly anxious and stressed. Thoughts about how to stay on top of mounting bills, keeping up with the demands of work, dealing with health challenges, or constant worry about the well-being of our children. We may even find ourselves worrying about what others think about us, or if we will succeed in the pursuit of our dreams.

Life in general can become chaotic. Just the cares of everyday life can send us into a panic mode.

For many of us, just finding the time and energy needed to keep up with all the demands and details of our everyday life can leave us feeling overwhelmed. If this goes on week after week this stress, anxiety, and overwhelm will rob you of your joy and peace. To be honest, If I’m not careful and intentional about being mindful of my thoughts, my fears, my level of concern about certain situations, I too, become overly anxious and stressed.

But, this is not God’s will for our lives. God desires that we have and live a life of peace and overall well-being, not live a life of anxiety and stress.

So how do we live the life of peace that God desires for us?

Let’s first look at what it means to have peace. The dictionary defines peace as “freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility”. The Hebrew word for peace is “shalom”, which primarily means “soundness,” “health,” and can also signify “prosperity,” and general “well-being.” What could possible give us this soundness, quiet, tranquility, and general since of overall well-being when our lives are chaotic and out of balance, with no sense of inner calmness or tranquility?

In my own desperate attempt to discover God’s peace for my own life, I discovered that we can experience peace through God’s word. Psalm 119:165 states, “There is such a great peace and well-being that comes to the lovers of your word, and they will never be offended.” There is a source of security in the Word of God that gives us peace, even when we are in the middle of the chaos of everyday life.

But, in order to receive this type of peace who must love God’s word, His precepts. We must choose to embrace God’s laws as the instructions for life. The reason we are able to embrace His words, His instructions for our lives is because of our love for Him; and when we truly love Him we love His Word. As we engage more and more in His word, we learn to trust Him and His instructions for our lives. This is the key to living a life of peace.