Have you ever considered writing as a ministry? Neither did I until I wrestled with the idea of whether I was truly called to minister. I had spent many years in the most wonderful church; during a few of these years I was active as an Evangelist. I would not give a moment of that time to do anything else. However, I often felt God calling me to something else.

For years I believed that “something else” to be God calling me to a different location, but no matter where I landed, I never felt I was in the right place. I could feel a pull toward something more. This was a challenging time in my life because I left a church that was my home and my family in route to discovering God’s plan for my life. I felt alone, confused, and often felt depressed feelings about this.
Prior to leaving my home church I had writing a book; again, it was one of those things I did simply to follow what I felt God wanted me to do. But, at the time I did not believe that God intended writing to be my ministry. I started to feel a call to writing as my ministry during the lonely and confused time in my life. The time period when I could not find a church to commit to, no close Christian friends with whom I felt comfortable confiding my feelings.

During this time my saving grace was writing blog post. I did not begin blogging as a way to minister and I could not commit to blogging because it never seemed as if I could figure out my purpose. Was it to blog as a business only with ministry tied into my post? I tried that, but it never felt authentic. I am not saying that a person who blogs and writes as a ministry does not also have a business aspect to their blog, because if you want to get your word out it will cost for thing such as books, publishing, monthly fees for the cost of blogging, etc.

Eventually, I discovered that God was simply asking me to do the same type of ministry I would do in a church setting, but as a writer. For my that would be encouragement and being a resource for others.
My greatest spiritual gift is that of encouragement. A couple of things that makes me unique is that I have overcome many challenges and obstacles in life with God’s wisdom and strength and I have always had this knowing from a child that God was within me. I live with a deep desire to know Him and really allow His wisdom to guide my life in a way that challenges me to grow in faith and overcome life challenges and pursue my dreams in spite of my challenges. My Childhood dream, believe it or not was to one day work for God and to be an entrepreneur.

What I know for now is that my purpose for writing is to encourage women to live more mindful by tapping into the God-space within each of us. My mission is to provide encouragement, resources, and support for women who desire to grow in faith, navigate through life challenges, so they can move forward by faith towards living their God- inspired dreams.

What about you? Have you felt called to writing as a ministry? Do you too struggle with understanding your purpose in writing? If so, consider asking yourself these questions:
1. What are your spiritual gifts? How do naturally minister in your local church?
2. What makes you unique?
3. What was your childhood dream?

Maybe you feel God calling you to write as a ministry. Or, perhaps you are certain you are called to write but struggle with what to write and to whom you are called to minister too. Stay encouraged, sometimes the answers are discovered in those dark moments of life.
Be Blessed