You love us.

I look at the stars,
A sparkling blanket
Woven to snuggle the Earth
Down to sleep.

You love us more than stars.

I listen to the birds,
A feathered choir
Formed to serenade the morning flowers
As they awaken.

You love us more than birds.

I taste the luscious fruits,
The renewable feast
Prepared to offer us flavor, health, community
As we share.

You love us more than fruits.

I smell the flowers,
A living carpet
Unfurled to welcome beautiful Spring
And her lovely sister, Summer.

You love us more than flowers.

I touch human skin—
Silken newborn,
Aging into crushed velvet warmth
With passing years.

You love us more than time can contain,
More than time can erase.
You love us more than Spring,
More than Summer.

More than fruits, or flowers, or birds.

You love us more than the stars,
Or the universe you built
To carry them in.

At the focus of your care
Is the core of creation—
Delicate, powerful.

Bearing Your mark.
Sustained by Your breath.

More than everything else together,
You love us.
Most of all.
You love us!