I have a friend who has probably been through more crises than most of us would face in the worst nightmare we can imagine. But she says that one thing made it possible to get through was the knowledge that God was always there with her. In fact, He had gone on ahead and was waiting to welcome her to a sheltering place He had prepared, even in the middle of the danger.

What a comfort to have those memories of His care, as we face new days bringing new challenges.



When my story began
You were there.

As I grew,
Learning and developing,
You were there.

When I faced hopelessness,
Unrelenting, dark,
You were there.

Guiding my way,
Leading my to a new place—
You were there.

Guarding all of me—
Body, mind, spirit,
You were there.

Now, a chapter ends,
Another begins.
You are here.

So, I go
In the strength have,
For You have sent me,
And when I arrive
I will find You—